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We have 2 Black Silver Bucks and 3 Fawn Silver Bucks available. 



At this time we do not have any Rex available check back with us this Spring to see what popping out of the nest boxes

We can deliver to any show we are attending!

Not sure what you want? Email me, and we can figure out what to purchase based on your goals and budget.

Prices Very due to quality.

Discounted package deals are available.

Discounts for youth and 4H breeders aswell. 

To hold a rabbit until pickup or delivery, a 50% deposit is required. Full payment is required for females which are to be sold bred.


Rabbits are sold first come, first serve, with a deposit.  If you missed what you were after, I am forming waitlists for all varieties- email me. 

Wait lists

How do we work our wait list?

Just ask to be added to a wait list - it is just to give me an idea of what varieties people are after, a relative time frame they would like to purchase, and the general quality desired (brood vs show).

Once a rabbit meeting your criteria becomes available, I will email you with pictures, or point the rabbit out on the website if pictures are posted. The top of the wait list gets first option to take it or pass on it within a certain amount of time (usually a day or two).  If you want to pass, that is fine, it will become available to the next person on the list.  You can remain on the list for the next available rabbit of that description. If I don't hear back from you within the specified amount of time, I will offer it to the next person on the list. 

When on the wait list, you are never obligated to take any animal or put any money down.  Once you have identified an animal you want to purchase, my normal sales policy applies, and a 50% deposit will be required to hold it in your name. 

Sales Policy

Payment. At this time I accept cash (in person only, please do not mail cash), personal check, money order, Zelle and Paypal.  When sending checks, please allow adequate time for these to clear before shipping arrangements.  Rabbits WILL NOT leave my care until full payment has CLEARED.  When using Paypal, please include $1.75 extra to cover the fee associated with using Paypal.

Reserving a Rabbit. Due to the high demand for some of the varieties, reserving a rabbit in your name is advisable.  I will not hold a rabbit for purchase without a deposit.  A deposit of half their selling price is required in order to hold a rabbit in your name while delivery or pickup can be accomplished. A 100% deposit (payment in full) is required if you are buying a Sr doe that is to be bred before the sale.  This is to ensure that buyers are serious in asking for the purchased rabbits to be held and bred. It is up to the buyer to maintain email or phone contact so I know you are still interested in the animals, extended lack of communication may lead to a forfeited deposit.  Due to limited space, rabbits will only be held with a deposit.  The length of holding time is agreed upon on an individual basis.  I may ask for reimbursement for care if the rabbit is held for a substantial time frame or a general increase in price. 

Before the rabbit leaves my care, they must be paid for IN FULL.  If you need to send check or money order for the remaining balance, please do so in a time frame that will allow me to make sure they clear.  I WILL NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS ON THE DAY OF PICKUP- ONLY CASH.

Deposits are non-refundable.  If you fail to pick up or fail to make arrangements to have your rabbits sent out by the agreed time, and no alternate arrangements can be made, you forfeit your deposit. If you cancel the order for any reason, including, but not limited to, failure to pick up the rabbits, failure to arrange transport by the agreed upon date, or failure to make alternate arrangements within a reasonable timeframe if a plan doesn't work out, you forfeit the deposit. Due to certain circumstances, it may be returned to you, but that is at my discretion.  Should you cancel an order for a doe which was to be bred (requiring a 100%deposit), no portion of this deposit will be returned to you.  You will have no claim to the rabbit or its litter once the deposit has been forfeited.

Only animals that you are SURE you want to purchase should have a deposit put down, to hold them in your name while transport or pickup can be accomplished.  If you are unsure, or would like to evaluate the rabbit before committing, DO NOT put a deposit on them- if you decide you do not want them, your deposit WILL NOT be returned to you.

Should I cancel the sale, you will be returned the deposit put in that rabbits name towards the full balance. It will be up to you to have those funds returned to you or transferred to another animal of similar quality.  Sales will be canceled in the event that something unforeseen happens to the rabbit such as sickness or death.  I reserve the right to cancel a sale at any time for any reason.

Costs such as the carrier, food dishes, health certificates will not be refunded in the event that you cancel a flight shipment.  I will mail you these things if you supply postage. Deposits for the rabbits will not be refunded.  If a flight is canceled and new health certificates are required, this is also your responsibility.


Pricing.  If prices are listed on the website, this is the cost of the animal if picked up at my house.  It is at my discretion if I would like to hold an animal for an extended amount of time due to limited space for delivery to a specific show.  If I agree to hold animals for more than a month, the price of the rabbit will increase. 

Shipping.    I am willing to ship rabbits at this time within the US and internationally.  All costs related to the shipping of rabbits are the responsibility of the buyer.  It is the buyers responsibility to make flight arrangements and shop around for the best deal. I am willing to ship animals through SeaTac airport, any time or day that you can arrange the best deal.  When booking flights, please keep in mind that shipping is a stressful experience on the rabbits, and the most direct and quickest flight is the best idea.

It is the buyers responsibility to ensure that the travel cages you order or send ahead of time meet the particular airlines specifications.  If the airline pet center says that wire carrying cages with solid bottoms are acceptable- please get this in writing!!! It has happened in pervious shipping instances that the pet center says they are acceptable, and then the people at the desk will not accept them.  Normally, a large plastic dog carrier is necessary, and multiple wire carriers can fit inside.   If you would like to construct something yourself and ship it ahead of time, that would be fine, or something can be purchased by me locally.  Besides the cost of the shipping crate and airfare, other shipping related costs that you will be responsible for are vet health certificates (mandated by the airline) which usually cost $50 flat rate an appointment (for multiple rabbits).  Food and water dishes are required by the airline, these are $2 a rabbit for two dishes.  I also ask gas money to the airport, which is usually $70 round trip.

On the day of the flight, I will check the flight status before I leave.  Because you have to be there 2 hours before the flight leaves, and it takes 1 hour to drive there, which leaves a considerable amount of time for the flight to be canceled or delayed.  If the flight is canceled in the amount of time it takes me to drive there, I will notify you as soon as possible and we will have to make alternate arrangements.  Costs relating to the next shipment will also be your responsibility.

Non-airline shipment.   If you can arrange transport with family or acquaintances, I am willing to deliver to Show, someplace in the Mason county area or a mutual meeting place.  You will be responsible for the cost of gas to deliver them.  I will deliver for free to any show that I am attending.  If for some unforeseen reason I cannot attend a show I was planning on, I will make every attempt to send the rabbits with another breeder.  If no arrangement can be made, it is your responsibility to make alternate arrangements.  If no other arrangement can be made, you forfeit your deposit if they were held.



Health and Quality Guarantee

Health Guarantee. Any sold rabbit will be free of sickness when sold and will have a history of complete health.  When shipping rabbits through airlines, a health certificate is mandatory.   If picking up at a show, it is your responsibility (or the responsibility of whomever you assign to pick up the animal) to check over the rabbit and confirm that they are healthy.  I guarantee that the animals you buy will be free of illness at the time you assume ownership.  Once the animal leaves my care, the contract ends due to circumstances beyond my control, such as the overall care, cleanliness of living conditions and draftiness of barns.

Refunds are considered on an individual basis and are given at my discretion.  If you feel you have received an unhealthy rabbit, it is your option to get the rabbit examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of receiving them at your expense.  If they are indeed found unhealthy by the vet, a copy of the report must be produced.  The rabbit must be returned to me (to be put down) or put down by you.  If you choose to put the rabbit down, proof of euthanasia is required, photo documentation is sufficient. Make sure the ear number is readable in the picture.   Only under this circumstance is a refund definite. Conditions that may have been a result of poor care or handling will not be refunded, such as, but not limited to, bits, cuts, broken legs, and broken backs.  Please contact me if you feel you deserve a refund, and we can discuss it on an individual basis. Refunds may be given for other reasons, at my discretion. Refunds are not your right after 48 hours of receiving them due to circumstances beyond my control.

Quality Guarantee. No show rabbit will be sold with a disqualification.  Some breeding quality stock may have a disqualification but the buyer will be fully notified of the DQ, and it will be a non-genetic or physical DQ, such as a lack of a nose spot on a broken, cataract eye from nestbox injury, or white spot due to a bite mark, ect.  These DQ?s will be fully described on their description on the For Sale webpage. These will only be DQ?s that would not affect the breeding capability of the rabbit.

DQ?s that can be acquired throughout the course of a show rabbit?s life while they were out of my care are non-refundable. 

It is your responsibility to realize the color, sex, age and other pertinent information of the rabbit before you assume ownership- this is always stated on my webpage and will be on the pedigree. It is your responsibility to check over the animal at pickup and confirm that there are no disqualifications.  I would encourage all buyers to go over the rabbit with me at the time of pick-up, before they leave my care, to confirm that there are no issues.

I reserve the right to change portions of this policy at any time for any reason.

Thank you for taking the time to read the sales policy.  It may seem a bit excessive, but we live in a time of lawsuits and sellers must protect themselves.  I know that the majority of people I sell to are good, honest people, but by the time you realize one buyer is dishonest, it is too late. This policy is for my protection and the animal?s best interest. If you need clarification on any of these policies, please do not hesitate to contact me.


By sending a deposit, you understand the terms of this policy and agree to them.

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