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Up coming events & Classes

Due to Covid-19 we will offer one on one classes only at this time. Thank You

We have some exciting classes to be offered.


Our First Class


Raising Rabbits: This class will go over different breeds of rabbits there are, equipment needed to keep rabbit’s, basic husbandry & care.

Second Class is Meat Rabbits: This class will cover breeds used in producing good meat rabbits from purebred breeds to cross breeds, we will go over slaughtering meat rabbits (there will a Video You can opt out to not watch the video). 

Third Class that will be offered is one that will dive deeper in to the Breeding aspect (what is line breeding, inbreeding pros and cons, some basic genetic information and more), Medical issues, safe ways to treat your rabbits for medical issues. What is culling and how.


Please contact us if you have any questions, class dates, and class fee. There will be a small fee to cover print outs that you will receive to take home and if we have to rent a space to have the class at. If you are 4-H or FFA please let us know since we sometimes have classes offered at discount to help cover your class fee.


Rabbit 101

Silverwolf Rabbitry is offering a Rabbit 101,  We will be going over basics of rabbit care, Basic Production, Health, and showing rabbits. If you have Rabbit and like to bring and have evaluated Please contact me before hand.

Rabbit 101- 10.00 per adult Family's 25.00 Family
(4-H and FFA students are Free)


Meat Rabbits

This Class will focus on Breeds that are used in meat production, what to look for in your fryer/roasters, basic health, parts of the rabbit from a butchers point of view.

Rabbit Clinic

Silverwolf Rabbitry is offering a Rabbit Clinic, this event free to local 4-H and FFA students. We will be going over basics of rabbit care and showing. If you have Rabbit and like to bring your bunny for an  Please contact me before hand.

This event is Open to anyone who would like to participate at a cost of 10.00 per Adult Family's 25.00 and Again this is FREE to 4-H and FFA Students



Nest Box Building

We will also be offering a Next Box Building Class at the cost of 10.00 per Nest Box. must RSVP for the Nest box building class so we make sure we have enough supplies.

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