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These forged Railroad Spike knives have been forged, polished, and sharpened by Bladesmith Greg Faw. Each blade is subjected to quality standards to ensure a quality product is produced. Each knife is hand forged and delivered razor sharp.

Each knife is made from a railroad spike, hand forged and heat treated. These blades have been water quenched to achieve maximum hardness, which although is not as hard as professional high carbon steel, it still has a good enough edge to be effective in use.

Each knife is hand crafted from quality materials with precision and careful attention to detail.

Knife approximate Specifications:

Steel: Railroad Spike Steel

Hardness: Approximately 50 HRC

Blade Length: 3" to 5"

Overall Length: 7.5" to 9.5"

Thickness at Spine: 3 mm – 5 mm

Average Weight: 290 grams

*since this is a high carbon steel knife it may be more prone to rust than a stainless steel knife. We recommend applying mineral oil to protect the blade from rust, as well as keeping it in a dry location and your knife should last a lifetime.

RR Spike Knife

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